When a person rubs a mans boxers, where his penis is.
“don’t make me beg” he said harshly before bringing a hand to his bulge and palming himself slowly.
by ANDIEISACUTIE August 4, 2015
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Masturbating by rubbing your palm on your penis, head, or vagina
Mary: I love palming
Jack: can i do some palming on yoyu
by PooperLooping May 13, 2021
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Palming something like a small object in your hand
Im palming my candy in my hand
by Palming my dick May 17, 2018
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The act of placing your penis in an unknowing females open palm while she is either asleep, or not paying attention; with hopes of a desirable reaction.
"Dude, I just rolled over and her hand was there, so I took my dick out and started palming her."
by jdcthemayor February 19, 2010
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When someone dosent have no genetial area there is just an empty bit of skin. so when someone like that has sex with another person with the same condition they have to scissor and while they are scissoring it sounds like two palms (and only the palms) slaping and hitting each other at a certain amount and speed...
Matt: hey have you ever done some palming?(points at his palm to confuse him)

Josh: oh yeah i do...

Matt: do you even know whart that means?

Josh: no...what does it mean?

Matt: (explains the definition)

Josh: dude man i do have something there...

Matt: thats not wat you said a fiew minutes ago you faggot
by Ipod Jon November 26, 2009
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"Oh dude, I can't believe my girlfriend caught me palming myself yesterday"
by Elementum September 18, 2007
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When a person grabs some other persons butt, whether they like it or not. But I don't mean just grabbing, I mean like grabbing hold and holding it for 3 secs minimum.
Did you see Mary get palmed by Chris?
Yeah, if he palms me one more time I'll palm him back!
by Lyssa November 10, 2004
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