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Fake, Transparent, Blabbering Idiot
Fox News is a complete parade of Palinesque Baffoons.

I'd rather be Bidenesque than Palinesque
by Bill O'Lielly, Han Shammity October 03, 2008
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refer to something really concervative, reactionary or retrogress


When someone doesn't answer a question, and immediately changes the topic. (Beneath the Blue Sky on yahoo answers)
"si les affaires de cul mettent en émoi toute la frange palinesque et hypocrite des anglo-saxons ainsi que quelques féministes d'arrière garde et autres roquets tourmentés, il faudrait un peu évoluer" (in a comment of MarJacq on Jean Quatremer's blog, 27/10/2008)


"Actually, I'm not going to answer this question. Instead, I'd like to talk about something completely different." (in a comment of holyhol... on yahoo answers)
by applepye October 27, 2008
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Adj. All glitz and glitter, no substance. Looks good, but behind the appearance, deficient.
The candidate hit all the political hot-buttons of her cohort, but was woefully short of factual detail and well reasoned policies.

The cheer leading squad was lead by a palinesque looker, not a blonde, but a brunette simpleton.
by Sgt Rocque March 09, 2010
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