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Paityn generally means village warrior, and can also mean warrior of faith. Paityns generally protect ones they love and are angelic and beautiful. if you find a paityn hold on to them because they are special and extremely rare to find. They may seem hard to hold onto because deep down inside paityns are tortured souls. But if you leave a paityn you will always find yourself coming back to them because they are truly amazing with a big heart.
Look at that beatiful girl standing up for her friend! Shes a total paityn!
Look at that angel! it must be a paityn!
by Jason334 January 20, 2011
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She is a beautiful woman she cares about others she is honest and she admits when she messes up. Anyone would be lucky to even have her as a friend but if you get even closer we’ll your one of the luckiest people on earth.
Paityn is very beautiful,
by Paityn May 28, 2018
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The best friend anyone will ever find.
Me: I'm so lucky Paityn's my best friend! :)
Girl: Heck yeah you are! I wish I was her best friend. :(
by HKCASTNIUEW April 11, 2013
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to have unlimited amounts of joy and energy- to always be looking forward in life with the wisdom of what's behind and to smell of the stink of Slinger.
There are so many great things about her, she's such a Paityn!
by lml92 February 04, 2010
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a Paityn is a girl who people generally think is annoying but when you get close to her she is anything but . she protects those she loves and is super nice . you don't wanna get on her bad side though or she'll pop your ass . she can seem mean to those who she doesn't fw but she really is nice . she acts so mean to those who she isn't close with because she's scared they'll do it to her first . Paityn has a few close friends but not a lot . she used to have a lot but now has only a few the people she trusts . Paityn is very insecure with every thing about her . she is unapologetically herself and will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows it . but when she is alone she cry seemingly for hours about how depressed she is . Paityn's normally have daddy issues , even though Paityn's may seem mean when you meet a Paityn you have to remember how much she has been through
"Paityn is so k ind when you meet her ."

"Paityn is the best bestfriend ever'

"i'm so lucky to have Paityn by myside '
by oohhhheyyy May 18, 2018
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Paityn was born to play sports be will and love others. She is one that will car and love on you unconditionally she wouldn’t say a lie without a laugh. Her birthday will mostly be on May 11 born in 2009 or any other year.
Tell Paityn you are the luckiest person in the world to have her as a friend
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A hateful girl that only cares about herself she will leave you if you are not popular. She is a selfish brat that is spoiled to death but still finds things to complain about. Never hand out with these kind if girls . Also really bossy.
Paityn is selfish
by Saydee lynn June 05, 2017
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