Something really annoying that really pisses you off.
Wake up everyday at 6 a.m is a real pain in the ass
by titas June 17, 2018
A task, often bureaucratic, that is more difficult than it needs to be.
Now I need three forms of ID and a copy of my electric bill just to renew my driver's license? What a pain in the ass!

My headlight fuse burned out. Changing it was a real pain in the ass because I had to take apart half the dashboard to get to the fuse panel.
by fax4voice3 February 28, 2014
Thing that bothers you very much, but it's hard or inappropriate to put them on the table to talk about because of the bother-maker's identity.
My boss always leaves no stone untured to make fun of me in order to cheer him up, so he is a real pain in the ass.
by Peter Chen December 22, 2006
The pubescent little shit I have to tolerate ever since she rushed her way out of out of my goddamn mother's womb.
Sister: *Snitches on me for no good reason*
Me: You better fifty fucking feet away from me, you pain in the ass.
by Innocently Wise January 31, 2016
To have discomfort in the buttocks
"anal went wrong last night, it was a pain in the ass"
by gimme the money January 1, 2016
Sara used to be cute, then she became a real pain in the ass.
by Nefilim April 7, 2004