A British op that is not worth your time like BoJo
dem paigon yutes over there gonna get dipped up
by waffle_master69 March 22, 2021
Someone who does nothing; someone who is not worth your time (Synonym: Wasteman)
Dem boys paigon, I can't stand 'em (See J Hus- Dem Boys Paigon)
by Ramit March 29, 2015
A person who is not worth your time. A person who is a lier or backstabber.
by JAFPL_17 December 15, 2018
Paigon basically means enemy.

However people will call someone who’s simply being annoying a paigon.

/pay-gun/ or /pay-gon/ depending on accents.

Paigon is essentially part of the UK slang developed from Jamaican Patois (Patwa).

The American equivalent to paigon is the word opp.

Paigon is also often spelt as pagan.

Pagan is a word relating to opposing religions however it still is linked to the same meaning.
It’s calm I don’t have any paigons.”
by welcometotheastcoast December 19, 2020
some one named daved who is a pagion
by paigon February 10, 2012
A idiot or fool (synonym: Wasteman)
That kid Dan Smiths is such a paigon
by Poly2357 December 24, 2015