The cutest girl ever. You're so lucky if you have her and your life. She is so sweet, kind, loving, and drop dead gorgeous. They are very smart and are so funny when you are talking to them. Paige is the best girl in the universe
Omg Paige is so cute!
She is perfect! I bet she's a Paige
Haha, You're so funny Paige
by ghostfly851 January 20, 2017
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A furry doggo that looks like cotton candy. She is very edgy and sassy so I wouldn't recommend messing with her. EDGY doggo.
Woah Paige is so edgy.
by Flip the flops July 19, 2017
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A girl who can be shy but outgoing. She's amazingly nice and she's somewhat popular too. She's absolutely gorgeous in everyway
Dude1: who's the new girl

Dude2: idk but she's hot
Dude1: she might be a paige
by LegitAF February 26, 2017
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a paige is someoone who will wake up the next morning regretting everything she has done the night before.
omg, i feel like such a paige.
by kdotelevn January 17, 2009
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A girl who flirts without realizing it, a whore, a slut, a bitch
"Did you see her? She was all over him, in his lap, touching him, giggling."

"She is SUCH a Paige!"
by Angry Cougar-Kitty Angel March 12, 2009
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A short, midget-esque girl whos main purpose in life is to find and defeat voldemort. She carrys around a wand and a book of spells to defeat her enemies. Paige often cackles at the moon late at night in hopes to attract her one true love: Edward Cullen. Paige eagerly awaits each morning to mousse her hair up and yell at a friend of hers. She is often compared to golem from lord of the rings, and loves to wear pants that are too big so that she has a "pouch" as marsupials do. Paige's diet consists of celery and capers. Everyone has a friend like Paige.
by Koo Koo KA CHOO! June 13, 2010
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Huge whore, extremely huge whore, looks like a horse is never there for you is the most annoying fack you'll ever meet
sometimes she's cool is kinky and has sex on bestfriends bedrooms floors
Did you hear what paige did last night

yeah what a whore
by shane tremblay June 29, 2010
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