Pacoima is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the northern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.1. Home of Alex Padilla, Danny Trejo, Ritchie Valens and many others. Majority population: Latino/Mexican/Chicano/Hispanic.
"I'm just a kid from Pacoima" -Ritchie Valens on La Bamba
by Nona Cabrona April 18, 2018
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A shitty boring town in the San Fernando Valley thats full of trash. Also known as Pac-town.
Yo vato, I'm from Pacoima dogg..
by Juanitoo August 31, 2006
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1)Weak, Low-Grade Weed. Not worth paying for; 2) impotent cannabis or dirt weed; 3) ussaully cheap, lacks trichomes or THC.

ex. Man I got some dank off the corner!!!! Shit Man thats Pacoima Grass im cool on that
Pacoima Grass
by 1LL35t November 07, 2010
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When you put an freezy pop in a girls ass and engage in vigorous anal sex causing her to make sound similar to that of a penguin.
Yo man I gave Monse a a pacoima penguin pop and she was squakin like happy feet
by Easterdave420 October 06, 2021
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