When your mum shits in your lunchbox and sends you off to school
"Ooh I wonder what mummy's made me today... AAAARRRGHHHH A FUCKING STEAMING PACKED LUNCH"
by velvetcondor October 23, 2015
variation of the warm lunch. After laying someone out on the floor and laying cling film over thier mouths. You deficate into the cling film and then fuck thier face until the cling film breaks. The variaton is to then tape thier mouths shut!
by uprightuk August 24, 2010
to do exceptionally well or to have great success.
to show someone up or simply accomplish a task well.
Player one: Dang boy, you haven't missed a shot all game!
Payer two: I'm straight up packing lunches!
alternate usage:
Fan (from sideline): Sick move bro-man! You packed his lunch!!
by mcfisha January 25, 2008
Eating extra food when you don't know how long it will be until your next meal. Eating a lot to keep yourself from getting hungry later.
Eric began packing lunch before work by stuffing his face with Fritos; who knew if he would get a chance to eat later.
by Pantho April 17, 2011
A synonym for pwn or beast, referring to video games. To kick someone's ass while playing a video game, usually fighting games (Ex: COD)
"COD? I'm always packing lunch on that game"
by SakuStar July 27, 2011
When a person fashions underwear out of cellophane, deficates inside the underwear, and wears it for the whole day.
That bitch came to school with a packed lunch.
by naturesweather January 26, 2006
to take one's girlfriend on holiday to avoid all the fucking about and loss of drinking time that goes with finding a suitable mate upon arriving at one's destination.
"i went to ibiza last year and wasted the first day and a half sorting myself out with a tart.i'm going to agya napa this year,and this time i'm taking a packed lunch".
by apex dave January 18, 2011