The plastic wrap around a pack of ciggarettes. A lot of times used as a "baggie" for marijuana.
"Yo, let me get that cellophane for my eighth."
by MuddyBarkus2 August 06, 2008
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invisible evil substance that surrounds ceartain areas and desperate travelers, stopping all cell phone signals
darn, I never get a signal here, its allways totally covered by cellophane
by Muffasa Mini July 13, 2005
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Pretending to be something or someone that you're not and everyone can see through your act. Weak gamenship.
Cellophane man not foolin nobody, we see what he's about.
by N-Lightning October 12, 2018
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When trying to get rid of an unwanted problem in life ie bad habbit, (ex)-girfriend, you cannot get it to leave your life despite trying to shake it off...sticks to you like Cellophane!
Combating'd get rid of it, if only it didnt stick to you by you drinking every night!...Your having a Cellophane Complex

Relationship...trying to get old girlfriend out of your head and out your life, if only you could stop texting, calling or thinking about her!...Your having a Cellophane Complex
by Ali Temple December 05, 2006
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A magical illusion created by placing cellophane under a toilet seat Causing urine splash and shit splatter.
I went to take a shit the other day and it splattered all over my ass, I fell for the old "Cellophane Prank."
by Nick and Enrique March 03, 2008
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