(adb) at a rate, or a certain speed
I ate a turtle at a pacely rate.
by Kaslow November 19, 2008
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Referring to someones speed.
Damn you slow as shit, you cant keep up with my pace.
by EnSabahNur December 28, 2013
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the Italian word for "peace"

used as a greeting or farewell

most often accompanied with the visual peace sign made with the index and middle finger being the only extended
-*walks into a room" Pace.

-Bye. Love you.
- Love you. Pace.

by Kacky October 12, 2005
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An italian word translated to english which means peace
Io voglio pace=i want peace
by Vasco De Gama April 9, 2005
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When using the word paced after beating somebody at something, you are referring to that fact that they have just been molested.
Ha Luke, you just got Paced!
by boddyesmith October 20, 2020
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a term used to describe the act from a person of small town status who blatantly and intentionally performs intimate and inappropriate sexual acts (preferably with a significant other of a friend or co-worker) while ensuring that the act is public knowledge for all to enjoy
"That bitch paced me and now I've got herpes"

Damn it my women left me for my friend and you all know about it. I think I have been Paced!

Brother #1: I got a problem I want to screw this girl but she is with my friend.
Brother #2: Shut the hell up, be a man and Pace that pussy.

by ifyouonlyknew August 21, 2008
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a word meaning sick, awesome, cool
guy 1: that poster's cool
guy 2: naa mate it's pace
by asdfghjkl;18784125 February 25, 2012
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