Korean way of saying Idiot or Stupid I wanted to define it because of a BTS ff I read :)))
Taehyung~You pabo!!!
by HoseokIsPabo May 07, 2018
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The Korean word for idiot; stupid.

It's often used in Korean-based fan fictions.
Oh, Jungkook, that pabo! He bought a scam candy bar for $50
Jimin, that pabo! He fell into the elevator!
by an absolute idiot January 19, 2019
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the ordor of poop (feces), b.o. (body ordor), and axe combined into one monstrous stench
Man....do you smell that....that's definately Hana. She smells like straight Pabo.

Who thought spraying Hana with axe was a good idea. It smells like Pabo now.
by Fartface ugly man March 13, 2011
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jiminie pabo in korean means : "Jimin is dumb "

as told by the dumb master himself.
Taehyung :"Ji-min-ie-pa-bo"

Random girl :"Jiminie pabo ."
Jimin : "WHAT THE HELL ??
by 148bunny:) October 09, 2018
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The jamless member for derpy kpop group BTS
V: *teaches Victoria korean* Ji-min-ie Pa-bo
Victoria: Jiminie Pabo
Jimin: What the hell!!!!!
by That Dam Chanosaur February 14, 2017
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