Put The Hammer Down

1) An expression used when its time to push yourself or your vehicle to work harder, dig deeper, accelerate, or reach maximum speed.
2) An expression used when its time to get strict with another person (or people).
1. Dan was cycling in the middle of the pack until he decided it was time to PTHD and blow the race apart.
2. Rachael had to PTHD on some folks at the office when she found out her employees missed a deadline.
by keepittight May 6, 2014
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Post traumatic hype disorder - when a person has a traumatic experience at a party and remembers it forever
Man 1: dude i can’t go to parties anymore
Man 2: why?
Man 1: I have PTHD or otherwise known as post traumatic hype disorder
by Dragondrakester March 15, 2019
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I will have a PTHD pick on Monday Night Football soon!

My PTHD for Sunday Night Football is Denver Broncos!
by dtim October 14, 2013
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