Post School Shit . Taking a shit after a long day at school, typically 0-10 minutes after first walking in the door.
Person 1: Hey what’s up?
Person 2: Just taking a PSS, hbu?
by RealKD April 26, 2018
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Post Sex Syndrome. The feeling of exhaustion and happiness one feels after sexual intercourse. This may include a weakness in general body muscles. PSS is usually cured within 5-15 minutes of rest. Make sure to replenish your fluids by drinking water or other liquids. Alcohol is not recommended as it may cause PSS to occur again.
Wow that was some great sex! I feel a wave of PSS coming on.
by Wordsrhard April 26, 2010
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Post Script Script. When someone doesn't know how to use PPS (Post Post Script) after PS in a letter so instead writes PSS.

It was good seeing you today.


PS. We need to have a serious talk tomorrow.

PSS. I'm still mad at you.
by tehshiz123 October 4, 2009
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Psychology Student Syndrome. A change in thinking that can happen to people taking psychology. It can cause them to think that they and others have mental conditions that they don't, that they know what people are thinking, and that they can solve other peoples problems.
Psychology Student: I think you are depressed and paranoid.
Student: What makes you say that?
Psychology Student: I learned about the signs in my Psychology class.
Student: Not that shit again, seriously, you've been in that class for two months.
Psychology Student: I see, you just don't want to admit it.
Student: No.
Psychology Student: I can help you solve all of your problems, you don't have to be afraid.
Student: Well I know what you have. You have PSS.
by joe725 June 15, 2008
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Penile Secretion Syndrome-The act of the penile structure's glands excessively excreting a saline solution.
In the sauna Jim and Morris got PSS before the circle jerk.
by Seafood_Guru July 26, 2010
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Post Shower Shit, the act of taking a shit directly after coming out of the shower.
Dude as soon as I got out of the shower I had to PSS.
by Mr.Impeccable January 26, 2012
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Potential School Shooter

A PSS is someone that is likely to shoot up a campus, often quick-tempered, social inept, and victims of bullying. Typically no sexual history.
Yo Billy keeps mumbling to himself about guns and told Mike to not come to school Friday, boy is for sure a PSS.
by YardiKnow March 20, 2018
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