5 definitions by SlowXxXLearner

The word used to describe something that is "totally delicious", usually followed in response by "Totes."
A: Dude, that pudding was totalicious.
B: Totes.
by SlowXxXLearner November 26, 2009
A failed attempt at creating a word that means "totally disgusting."
That cheeseburger was totesgusting.... I think i saw a finger in it.
by SlowXxXLearner November 26, 2009
a bull shit part of math that doesn't matter in the real world because no matter how small the odds are there's always the chance of that thing happening
A: What if a bomb goes off? (IDK I couldn't think of anything bite me)
B: What's the actual probability of that happening?
A: Who gives a fuck
by SlowXxXLearner November 28, 2009
The result of a girl attempting to give a guy a hand job, but for reasons unknown, possibly because they're mentally retarded, makes it hurt more than almost anything known to the male race. the name is self explanatory in that it feels like sand paper is actually being rubbed along your junk. may result in bleeding.
If you feel as though you are headed towards a sand job, GET THE FUCK OUT.
by SlowXxXLearner November 28, 2009
The most bad-ass, booty-shakin' song EVER MADE, written by Ke$ha. A musical drug for some. Oh yeah, and she's hot as fuck too.
A: Dude, are you hard?!??!

B: It's not my fault! TiK ToK is on!

A: Oh, it's okay then.
by SlowXxXLearner November 28, 2009