Prish is a word derived from appreciate
it can be used as a term for thanks or to ask for something
it can be positive or negative
once you begin using prish it is one of the most versitile words
'prish the ranch'

"you know eddie,I prish your life"

by sarah and patrick October 16, 2007
An adjective used to describe things that are very stylish, and/or good and is the fashionable version of cool.
Oh wow! That girl Missy's shoes are so prish!
by prishest.of.them.all November 16, 2007
Heard this on the "Mark & Brian Radio Program" this morning. I believe it's short for "I appreciate it," as in "Gee, thanks." Better used sarcastically.
Person 1: You're as dumb as a bag of hammers!

Person 2: Prish!
by goobershanker March 1, 2005
Humorous spelling of "appreciate it", and means, "that's, like, radically decent 'n' thoughtful of you, homie --- thanks".
Cool dude #1, texting with his buddy on his Smart phone: Word, Man --- I do indeed think that I might be interested in looking into that. Only prob is dat I am not at all familiar wif dat subject --- could you be a schuper schweet guy, Bro, and Google it for me, and den e-mail me da links?
Cool dude #2: Sure --- will do, Chief --- no majoro problemmo.
Cool dude #1:Thanks, Pal --- prish-eee-yayt it!!
by QuacksO August 3, 2018