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A strategy to silence political opponents by attempting to destroy their economic prosperity. POLTER is an acronym for "Political Offense Leads To Economic Revenge".

POLTER is a strategy often used by Highly Offendable Groups (HOGS) when facts do not favor their most cherished beliefs. Historically, fear and intimidation have been just as successful, if not more, than logic and debate in silencing opponents, not to mention quicker and more expedient (for example, the ignorant are rarely swayed by logic, but fear is universal).
A former president of Harvard once suggested that genetics might be responsible for the disparity between men and women in the highest positions of math and science. It was merely a suggestion, but unfortunately one that was heretical to feminist groups. Subsequently, they decided to POLTER him, spearheading a campaign to get him fired and stigmatized by the media so that his next employment opportunity would be at least less prestigious and profitable than the current one.
by FigurinOutLife October 19, 2007
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