What guys try to use when they think another girl is being bitchy, but ends up sounding like a retarded jerk to other girls.

John: What is she, PMSing?! GOD.

Kate: John, what the hell...

Jackie: You're so immature.
by Jalopy May 22, 2007
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A psychological condition that occurs a day or two before and/or during menstruation that anyone who's ever lived with a woman for longer than 2 months can confirm is not a myth.

This is a serious phenomenon in which a woman will say things that can irreparably damage a relationship, treat their partner with a disrepect he (or she) hasn't earned, and estrange them from anyone who does not suffer from the condition.
It took me a year to figure out that the times my girlfriend was acting like a nut were the few days before she was on her rag.

Now, she puts her period on the calendar, and I mark the two days prior as PMS times in which I make sure to hang out with my friends in another town. I don't try to argue with her during this time because I can't deal with the enormous logical fallacies that a woman suffering this condition produces.

dude: ite i'm out. cya tomorrow.
chick: you're going to fuck another woman aren't you. AREN'T YOU?!?
dude: yes, that makes sense. see you tomorrow.
by ianp March 22, 2008
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PMS-premenstrual syndrome.
notice: if a girl really got that psycho, they'd call it "Psycho monster syndrome".
which they dont
ur all insensitives dicks anyway...
(pun intended)
Guy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Guy: i thought it was that time of the month again? Ur so.. happy?
Girl: what, do i have to be a bitch when i PMS?
by jessicajaded October 07, 2008
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When your friend has major mood swings, from being excited and running around like a bumble bee, to sitting there with a grouchy look on her face saying she hates her life.
Me: Why don't we go do something today?
Her: SURE! Sounds great!
Her: Do i look okay?
Me: Of course! You look fine, lets go.
Her: No, i dont want to, i look ugly, my nose is huge, and i have zits everywhere.
Me: Really, you look fine, come on lets go.
Her: STOP BEING SO PUSHY! God just leave me alone!
Me: Just go take a Midol miss PMS, and lets go.
by mmhmyouknow. February 07, 2010
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Something men have all the time women once a month
every man i know has moodswings like they have pms
by lily02 March 31, 2009
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The thing about pms, is women don't realize they are being bitchy. I don't even know, when I'm acting bitchy when I suffer from PMS. For those who say it's a fact that it doesn't exist, I don't know where you got that information, because it's a lie.
Women think they are being rational, when they are pmsing.
by Zinnia December 12, 2006
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week before period, tickd off easily, sick feeling, cramps, puke, headaches, tickd off easily....and 2 all of u guys who put that its a horrible excuse to bitch or its just an excuse its NOT. yall wouldnt have the slightest clue about PMS and how it makes you feel its NOT an excuse dumbasseslike yall would know....lmao...i wrote this and im on my period..but fo real tho.lol..it cant be helped...so shove it
Back the fuck up befo i show u wdf bitchen really is!! <<< PMS
by WunLoveParis September 29, 2005
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