Discriminating against a town, city, region or country based on loose stereotypes.
Ashlyn is such a placist. She thinks that everybody who lives in Florida is old, senile, plays golf all day and is a terrible driver.
by Ashlyn's Dad November 25, 2008
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Holding strong negative or positive feelings toward a certain place.
Call me placist but i think things are better in the midwest.
by keine name September 28, 2007
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This is like sexist or racist. But instead of being 'ist' against sex or race, these people are all against the place that you are.
Example: Ok, I sit up the back of my classroom, and the other day we had a math test. I REALLY needed help with a question and I ad my hand up for AGES!! But since I was up the back and the teacher couldn't be bothered walking up the back, I didn't get my test finished. This is a simple example of the place discrimination that goes aroud today. Please do not become a placist.
by KawaiiSuperstar December 01, 2007
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