Originally derived from the term used in a detention setting, like prison, when numerous individuals are made to share a limited number of telephones. When all the telephones are in use and another believes that it is his/her time to now take the opportunity to use the phone, and one of the individuals using the phone should end their call. In that case one would go to the the individual using the telephone and let them know that they need to relinquish (get off) the telephone by simpling stating the phrase "Phone check" and if that individual refuses then s/he could face repercussions(consequences) that come with the refusal, up to and including being murdered. A phone check itself is NOT a stabbing. A stabbing, beating, rape, or any violate act can be RESULT of a phone check.
by convict's girl November 19, 2009
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when you are walking the wrong direction and don't want to look like a fool walking the opposite way, so you pull out your phone, look at it, then start walking the opposite direction more comfortably.
Mark - look at billy doing the phone check. I should do that instead turning around like an idiot.

Nat - Billy, you're a genius
by mriaborat9 April 04, 2015
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Where one stabs another with a sharp object (shank). Attacks often centered around obliques (lower front and back sides). Called this because supposedly people watching out for this type of attack would duct tape phonebooks around their abdomen.
Person: "So it was a failed rape?"
Witness: "Hell yea, Mrs. Johnson's 9 year old son came outta nowhere and phone checked his ass with a pencil."
by Luchidizzle September 27, 2004
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The process of reaching your left or right hand to your left or right pocket to check if your phone is there. People usually do this every 15 minutes, especially if they're sitting.

Becomes popular among people if they've lost a phone once.
John: Hey Mike, I've been noticing that you've been reaching to your nutsack every 15 minutes.

Mike: Naw dog, I'm doing a phone-check.
by Elephantshoe November 05, 2008
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When you put your finger in your ear to remove little wax in your ear before putting on earphones.
Alexander: ohhh danm carter next time do and Ear phone check before you put on my earphones. You got some wax on them.
Carter: my pleasure Alex.
by slickcj December 30, 2009
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To grab with or without force someone’s penis, quickly.
Phone check, bro! (Grabs penis, and laughs simultaneously )
by English Wizzer February 18, 2018
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black man outside microphone check, black man inside phone check. why? you gotta spit hot 16 to somebody, we is only human.
mic check, microphone check, phone check.Is this Thing on? Hello is anyone hearing this? hello mama? mama!!!
by Googlefaps.com August 20, 2019
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