Stands for pure fucking magic.

Something that cannot be explained is PFM.
"I don't know how it works, it must be PFM"
by Happy Teddy February 10, 2018
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Peyton Fucking Manning. Abbreviation for Peyton Manning an American football player in the NFL. The abbreviation was first made (due to FCC regulations)

on a sports talk radio station in Denver upon the signing of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos on 3/20/2012.
The Denver broncos just signed PFM! Peyton Fucking Manning! I can't believe it!
by Hellcat44 December 28, 2012
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Person A: How the hell does a person sing in harmony with themselves?

Person B: PFM.
by Bella Bartalk October 14, 2013
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PFM means pray for me, usually said when someone is doing something difficult
Kevin: PFM i'm working all day
Arnold: what
by Elder Pricey June 16, 2018
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Pure Fucking Magic

An instantaneous event that accomplishes a task with seemingly no effort; results in immediate satisfactory results.
I got an A on my Physics test, scored with the campus hottie and cleaned my room in one day. I had my fair share of PFM.

Wow, you just ran 3 miles in 12 minutes and managed not to puke, that's PFM!
by poli.sci.chick April 7, 2010
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"There was just 3 muffins here and now there all gone. I don't know where they went it was like PFM."
by Archbishop Flava Dave September 8, 2008
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