Imeti nenavadne obcutke ali slutnje, ki se ponavadi pojavijo pod vplivom drog ali zaradi osebnih tezav.
Pere k z'val!
Pralo jo je sse cel teden.
Ko je pomalical pest bonbonov se je zavedal, da ga ccaka trdovratno pranje.
a: Kdo mi je dal speed v cevlje_
b: Noben, to tebe sam pere.
by kronzzzl October 17, 2008
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Name, a lover of the art, the life and Gala
Yesterday I saw Pere at the cinema with Gala
by BivackDC February 11, 2015
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A person who also says dude at the end of every sentence.
Pete- Hey man what's up.

Tom- Nothing whats your problem dude. Sorry im having anger issues dude. Plus i just lost my folder dude.

Pete- Stop saying dude its annoying me. Your such a peres.
by T Pepper May 12, 2010
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Where all the rich bitches and round-abouts are.
Let's go to De Pere and drive on the circles with wealthy girls.
by haroldrippin June 14, 2014
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De Pere is the City where all the parties happen, De Pere has a Campus ST. Norbs where on sundays through sundays the De Pereians go and get fucked up. So if you cant hold your liquor then dont come to De Pere. De Pere is probably the ballin'ist in the area.
Yo we'st bout to go down to De Pere and get fucked up!
by Harry Jo Son March 30, 2007
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An insult used in online gaming. The insult is used mainly to insult french players that are speaking loudly over the games voice system.

Translates roughly to: your mother is good in bed with your father.
french guy: oui, le bank est sur la maison
annoyed player: omfg sdfu! ta mere est bon dans lit avec ton pere!!!
by Alienmad March 06, 2005
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In French, meaning Father or Dad. but for a person he’s an amazing, sweet and charming guy. He has anger issues but that doesn’t stop people from loving him.
Higeki: *exists*

Pere: *Attacks him with love and snacks*

Higeki: *Refuses*

Pere: *Angry*
by Higeki April 04, 2021
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