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Post Creep Depression. Taken from Jersey Shore's verb "to creep" This is the act of wanting to commit suicide the next day after partying hard and creeping on girls all night.

Combined with being hungover and learning of all the stupid shit one has done, he or she contemplates jumping of a roof or sliting ones wrist the next day.

This also occurs following an awesome outing or trip with friends after a long night of drinking and realizing that the fun is now over and have to go back to your shitty life.
Guy: Man I can't believe I threw up all over that hot chick last night while we were making out.

Friend: Yea, that sucks that you're gonna hafta see her in your Econ class tomorrow.

Guy: Man this PCD sucks, I think I'm going to go take a bath with the toaster.
by Hitz September 10, 2010

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