Stands for Pay As You Earn.

1: A form of taxation where tax is deducted from your paycheque before you even get it.

2: In Celtic Tiger Ireland, a term of derision for people who do proper work for reasonable pay, instead of making silly money trading in stocks or property or doing weird things with money involving multiple bank accounts and mortgages.
You work as an electrician? That's a bit PAYE, isn't it?
by Rhodoferax May 29, 2012
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Means "Penis". (Prounounced: Pay-Ness) and can only be said through a thick southern american accent.
"The EcksBawks will shove its mighty PAYNESS into the sony's PS3" - SS
by PickledFerret November 23, 2011
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Payness is the ghetto izzo clan version of the word penis, which refers to a mans happy zone located beneath his pants.
My PAYNESS is bigga then youz.
Dude , ma payness got hit by thiss shee, it no happy no mo'.
by Michael waddell January 1, 2006
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to be a filipino, and talk with a filipino accent. where many ordinary words such as pack and sheet are deemed offensive, and vice versa.

see examples below
Pack dis sheet paye

Bepor you go out and play, penis your homework
by Raholio June 10, 2007
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How to say it “Pay”
It means someone is stupid literally in a way of unintelligentness
Omg that Ape is so paye, it’s just sitting there
by Etistick July 4, 2021
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He cool.
That guy is a real Paye.
by Aiyaaaaa November 23, 2021
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A very southern British way of saying 'penis'.
"Oi, mate, take a look at my fookin' payness!" "Fat, innit?!"
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