Q. Are you going to be playing Call of Duty tonight?

A. You know it, PANNS boy!
by ChocolateMilk October 20, 2013
Pann, it stands for manipulative, and selfish.
its a person who you could call 'fake' and uses you as a personal ATM
"Bruh Pann is trying to be my friend again"

"Hey, did you hear? Michael is such a Pann right now"
by Vection14 October 21, 2020
She is the greatest best friend anyone can ask for. She is loyal to any guy, smart, beautiful, hot and a lot more.
by This girlish September 30, 2018
is a way of either introducing yourself, and/or in the same context giving a reply that is positive
wa pann, evertin irrie? ye ali its cool fam

alright man wa pann, holla at me?
by Ricky cpfc May 15, 2010
Noun: The name of a person who is loud , obnoxious and stupid (when drunk), but you hang around with regardless to laugh at there miss fortunes and cause you don't mind them when they are sobber.
Verb: when anyone does something that is so similar to what Pots&Panns would do, what he/she did is can be renamed Pots&Panns.
1.(noun) : Holy fuck , Pots and Panns just walked through my screen fucking door.
2.(verb): Man , Ben totally just Pots and panned that dusty bitch
by rastown September 27, 2013
The word comes from "flower", burmese in origin.
A: What's your name?

B: Pann Phyu.

A: A White flower? Cool!
by Sylvia202 November 23, 2021
Classic retro diner/ coffee shop in the googie coffee shop vernacular. Located in the la dera heights. Neighborhood of Los Angeles
This restaurant is uniquely situated on a triangular parcel of land formed by the intersection of la tierra blvd centinela blvd and la cienaga blvd
It's recent claim to fame is that the interior was used in the movie little miss sunshine.
Let's go up to panns diner for breakfast. I hear the chicken and waffles combo is tastesaytional
by 4realazitgits March 16, 2021