n. abbr for "Pastor's Wife." Usually of two variations: 1)manipulative and phoney or 2)obviously believes she married the wrong guy.
1) Auntie Linda is a classic P.W., always working the church politics; 2) but Pastor Jim's wife Jana just ain't into religion and I think she might be sleeping with the worship leader.
by f. rodderick hsu May 18, 2005
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P.W is the initials for Pine Wood Ave in West Palm Bech Fl Located In Palm Beach County, it has mostly hispanic and african americans. The Gang 33rd St claims Pine Wood Ave, and there is also Pine Wood ENT, which is rap songs form people who grew up in that hood. also called "the woods"
lil Loco: "ay where you from"

Flako: "P.W y where u from?"

Lil Loco: "i'm from L-dub"

Flako: "orale"
by Palm Beach County Gra! July 28, 2011
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