Pure uncut Funk, the Bomb; also Parliament Funkadelic
Make my funk the P- Funk, I want my funk uncut...
by Star Child July 30, 2003
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(Pee Fun-K) N. 1)Parliament Funkadelic (2) Musical Sounds made by George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins. (3) Strong smelling urine usually a biproduct of consuming too much sulfur in foods and vitamins. (4) Chunky or dark discharge during urination.
1) Did you get the best of P- Funk CD yet?
2) Bow-wow-wow, Baby. Yeah feel the P- Funk baby.
3) Ewww, hey Joe come smell this P- Funk.
4) Um, Doctor, I have a little P- Funk going on. It also burns a little.
by SirIsaacHillary September 7, 2005
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1.)Parliment Funkadelic 2.)"Plush Funk"(soft funk) 3.)A soft smooth groove by George Clinton and the Parliment.
Helda, have you heard of the new thing called 'plush funk'?
P- Funk is spectacular!!
by DeShaun March 22, 2006
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shortened name for the 70's disco band Parliament-Funkadelic, who are known for having 9 members. The most famous member is one of their two bassists, Bootsy Collins
"In the 70's, everytime P- Funk came on at a party, a fight broke out somewhere"
by cream of sumyungay September 19, 2005
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A co-mingling of the names 'Parliament' and 'Funkadelic', two popular 70's funk bands (which were, conveniently enough, the same band).
'Make my funk the P-Funk, I wants to get funked up.'
by Agrajag November 10, 2002
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often used as slang for parliament cigarettes, a distinct feature of the cigarettes is a recessed filter used primarily for inhaling a small ammount of cocaine from the end of the filter before smoking.
i always take a bump of coke off my p-funk before i smoke it.
by andrew_b. October 25, 2007
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