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The act of shooting cum (semen) into a hole or circular receptacle of any kind, by way of maturbation or sexual relations.

Masturbation: pocket pussy, knot hole of tree, hole in a wooden fence, coffee cup, shower drain, etc.

Sex: Partners asshole, VaJJ ({}), Mouth, Ear, Nostril, or in very special cases Eye Socket.
Ex. 1

Matt: Cindy has sure been bitchin that we don't have any cream for the coffee.

David: Take a trip to the store and shut her up!!!

Matt: Nah, I told her I did and secretly O~~~<===3 in her coffee.

Ex. 2

When Willy paid a visit to Patty he wanted nothing more than to give her a delicious salty snack!!!

He O~~~<===3 and what a treat it wuz....slurp
by woowoofurasaltysnk July 19, 2009
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