A lexicographic wonder comprising 20 volumes of mostly abstruse words, from the graveyard of the English language, in which old gentleman of Anglo-Saxon origin refer to as a conversation piece when drinking their tea with their cronies and chaps; sometimes it is actually referred to promote dry erudite works of literature.
"Jeeves" could you bring me volume 14 from the Oxford English Dictionary?" "There is a word from Shakespeare, of which I am not quite sure."
by Luddz February 1, 2015
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If I'm not sure about the definition of a word, I might check the Oxford English Dictionary for an accurate and in-depth definition.
by WordLover731 November 18, 2009
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During the month of October, you CAN NOT look at or read a Oxford-English-Dictionary.
Remember, it is No Oxford-English-Dictionary October, dont read it!
by xboxplayer10431 October 3, 2023
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