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The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are the oldest universities in the English-speaking world.

They are the most prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom, and are collectively known as Oxbridge.

Oxbridge are consistently ranked as being two of the worlds best educational institutions, the others generally being the likes of Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Yale et al.

Alumni of the two universities include Isaac Newton, Stephen (both Fry and Hawking), Simon and Will from the Inbetweeners, David Attenborough, Charles Darwin, C.S. Lewis, Armstrong and Miller, Mitchell and Webb, Lewis Carroll, T.S. Eliot and Bill Clinton, to name just a few of what is an enormous list of influential figures throughout history. Well over 100 Nobel Prize-winners, countless prime ministers, presidents, kings and queens have attended at least one of either Oxford or Cambridge.

Were just one figure to be named as the most famous figure bearing the Oxbridge name, it would surely be Mr. Bean, perhaps best known for playing popular actor Rowan Atkinson.
"William Fulbright was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford."

"I got rejected from Cambridge." "Unlucky bro, what's your backup?"

"Black student rejected from Oxbridge despite AABBC at A-level including Media and Food Tech."

"The University of Cambridge has lost the world number-one spot to Harvard University in this year's world rankings. But do not despair, O Cantabrigians, for though they may be shed here, poureth e'er the more tears in the third-class city of Oxford, where their polytechnic came in at just fifth place, overtaken by those nerds at MIT."
by TheMasterLOLUMAD? October 18, 2013
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A small institution away from civilisation, known for its rich students who weren't smart enough to apply to Oxford. But at least it's better than the American unis.
Civilised person 1: I had a friend who applied to the University of Cambridge

Civilised person 2: That's awful. My condolences
Civilised Person 1: Yep. But he didn't get in and had to go to MIT instead
Civilised person 2: You should cut off all contact in case it spreads
by RumblyDragoon April 17, 2019
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