Overtone- Someone that does too much in any situation, regardless of location, who is around, or who they may hurt by their actions.
overtone ass damn bro chill out. Everytime a girl come up in here you always overtoning you need to go take a shower.
by Italiana February 2, 2014
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1. A friend who consistently fails to pay their own share for purchases that are made in small or large groups. As a result, everyone else is regularly dicked out of money because they ultimately wind up financing all of said friend's leisure experiences.

2. A cheap ass bitch
Mike: Okay everyone, we all owe $5 for the pizza.
David: Oh man, I forgot . . . I don't have any cash.

Mike: You're such an overton.

Evan: I'll get the first round of drinks. What does everyone want?
David: Scotch. Top shelf. Neat.
. . . 4 drinks later . . .

Evan: Okay David, the next round is on you. It's your turn.

David: Sorry guys, I gotta run. Here is the rest of my PBR. See you next weekend.

Evan: Such a fucking overton.
by Harkzilla April 19, 2015
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a boy with too much time on his hands who tries too hard to impress slutty girls. Also, may drive a prowler..... maybe
"Did you know that Overton over there just bought another house to impress some skanky bar fly?"
by adam, the shiznit June 21, 2007
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1. (verb) See overtoning
2. (noun) From the words overt & ringtone. The assignment of a ringtone to imply something about a caller. Usually used as a a friendly jab or an insult. For instance, overtoning Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" as the ringtone for a chubby friend is an overtone.
Alice: Bob, who was that who just called you?
Bob: Chuck.
Alice: OMG! That's why your phone played "Macho Man!" Nice overtone.
Bob: Yeah, Chuck's totally closeted.
by Dave MZ April 25, 2008
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When someone has that hint of touching themselves in their voice when talking to them on the phone or from behind a closed door.
I called my boy Joe and between the echo sound from the bathroom and the vibes in his voice, I totally detected some masturbatory overtones.
by Korbenbirdman February 26, 2011
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Loads of slags and gays like Ashton
Overton Grange is a dead school styll
by MrPlopSter June 26, 2019
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Spectrum/window of what's socially appropriate to talk about and when to do so time wise.
The overton window to talk about capital punishment is almost closed.
by Sexydimma August 6, 2022
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