Managerial term used to descibed a fuck up commited by themselves
Why wasn't more whiskey ordered???...''It was an oversight''
by thefullronnie September 1, 2011
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When you make a serious mistake but you don't want to admit that you fucked up, you say that "there was an oversight." Used in a professional setting as a futile attempt to make serious errors sound better.

"There was an oversight, alright? I didn't know the gun was loaded"
by HuniSenpai January 12, 2020
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A major screwup for which nobody is willing to accept the blame. The error isn't important enought to the person who made the mistake to acknowledge; however, the victim of the error suffers greatly. A meaningless apology may be offered. A prime example of Doublespeak.
"We will add your pay raise beginning next week. The paperwork was mismanaged. We apologize for this involuntary oversight.
by Vacuityofmind October 22, 2013
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1. Completely disregarding or overlooking something crucial that results in a catastrophic end.
Dude Man 1: How much gas is in your car?
Dude Man 2: Not enough to get to the gas station.
Dude Man 1: How much was left when you got in your car?
Dude Man 2: Didn't check.
Dude Man 1: Critical oversight. Dumbass
by J-kwelin July 16, 2023
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Citation Oversight is weasel wording for admission of plagiarism. It is a cowardly way of admitting plagiarism by professors in top-ranked universities who have purloined ideas from others, but a claim of 'citation oversight' as opposed to an admission of plagiarism protects the professors from being fired from their jobs. Note that this protection mechanism is a privilege which is available only to White Professors and Black professors who plagiarize will be promptly fired from their jobs.
Q: Dude, did you hear about the plagiarism charge against Prof. McD of the ivy league university who lifted ideas from a newspaper? A: Yeah, he was a White guy and so the university officials declared it a case of 'citation oversight' and let him off.
by enviroscientist September 2, 2020
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Hey, Todd, I know you don’t want the creative oversight but don’t have any scenes in the sequel where The Joker acquires his iconic arsenal. That is hack shit. There is no reason he wouldn’t have his joke pistol with a flag that says “Bang.” There’s no reason he wouldn’t already have a crowbar. And include some of the chemistry. The Joker is a biochemical genius. He created psychopathic fish. You need to tie some things into the canon.
Hym “I know you don’t want the creative oversight but that’s the problem with the Disney Marvel movies. No creative oversight. Which is why they are trash.”
by Hym Iam October 24, 2022
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The opposite of "to pull a POWELL", which means to leak sensitive information, causing sever problems for Apple Coorporation! The ability to prevent one from "pulling a Powell".
Dude, you almost left that prototype smart phone on the counter, but my Powell-oversight snatched it off the counter before any Geeks got a look.
by P_008 July 29, 2010
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