A phase commonly used when overeating your favourite plant- based burger that tastes exactly like meat.
‘’It’s easy to overindulge in these kind of burgers, testes so meaty''.
by jbjg September 7, 2020
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Overindulgence can be described as having too much of something you really enjoy; a binge not necessarily booze, drugs or shagging but anything that gives you intense pleasure. On the other hand it can also mean something that those dreadful American females, like Kim Kardashian, seem to think is their right namely the excessive gratification of their wishes.
Overindulgence in anything can be detrimental to your health.
To pseuds like Kim Kardashian overindulgence is a way of life.
by AKACroatalin October 29, 2015
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when your tummy no longer fits inside your trousers meaning u have had a really good Christmas! happy days :)
michelle: oh i can't believe i have to physically stuff my ass into my pants...
kelly: that's a good sign that you've overindulged :)
by kelly and michelle January 3, 2012
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