exceptional, incredible, great, outstanding, one of a kind.
That house is ovah!
Did you see the shoes Beyonce was wearing? Them shits were ovah!
by OWTFDWIT November 6, 2007
(n) 1. a pluralization of ovum.
(n) 2. part of a phrase that emphatically announces the end of any action or situation.
(n) 3. part of a phrase declaring that your enemy has been destroyed
2. It's OVAH!
3. It's ovah, bitch.
by Inertia September 19, 2003
In gay term when something or someone is OVAH they are fabulous.
Over the top. They are gorgeous and beautiful. They can also be sassy and sometimes fierce specially in a vogue competition on the pier or at a vouge ball.
Sometimes they vouge fiercly and and fall to the floor and someone yells it's OVAH for you miss cooky. You better work contessa. LOL
1. It's OVAH for you miss cooky cutter.
2.Gurrrl you look OVAH!
3. She's OVAH! (she meaning he)
4. That was OVAH! (meaning the performance or the movie)
by Meer M. August 2, 2006
A term used to describe someone or something that is legendary and overpowered.
Yo! That cat no joke son! He be like Ovah 9000.
by deepfriedturkey December 9, 2019
too cool for school, you pretty much own all things on earth. drinking out of cups. nbd, nbd.
He thinks he's got it going boss and ovah.

She lives a boss and ovah life.
by you got it wrong ladies. January 20, 2010
an op as fuck stand (which can overwrite reality) that somehow got cucked by jotaro kujo and his “so its the same type if stand as star platinum” bullshit
by jojo shitpost crusader October 10, 2020