a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.
"a western outlier in the Andaman archipelago"
by S42M June 6, 2016
A term that refers to someone significantly more attractive than is expected for their age, usually in reference to an older man.
Have you seen my history professor? He's such an outlier.
by Slangdatum December 19, 2009
1) A Score that drags down or improves the average of a group result. Generally a score that is either well below or well above average that will improve or decrease the overall average of the group in question, like an Individual English Class test result.
2) An Australian Indy Rock Band that used that definition to name their band.
1) Zhou is not very good at English and only got 2% during the exams when most others got around 70% which brought the overall average of the class down.
2) The Boys of Outlier had an Ugly Maths Teacher at School and noted that her Ugliness brought down the average hotness of the Female Staff Population at their school.
by Ronny. K September 26, 2005
Someone who considers themselves rather special. A snowflake with more than a hint of maverick pretensions propping them up. Often politicians who consider themselves quite unique and gifted.
Hell, look at that outlier taking that massive new wave way out in the Bay! He's been riding waves since pre-school. He can't read or write good, but he sure can ride the surf.
by Scotty13 February 11, 2018
A pair of French pants that add 20 pounds to your appearance.
Pepe, do these outliers make me look British?
by Lynds LePue April 19, 2007
N. A couple married more than 20 years that still has sex regularly.
Wow! Brandon and Christy must be Bolman Outliers. After being married 20 years, they still have sex every day.
by Chair-Elect November 11, 2013