To be much classier. To be much better in comparison. To outdo.
Isha's profile photo from that party outclassed everyone else's.
by patchan08 December 20, 2010
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PvPer who flawless kids in a game called Minecraft. He will also outclass you he is better than you
PvPGod was killed by Outclasses
from PvPGod: hax
by Sophia gachalover June 01, 2020
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To kill someone with a weapon that outclasses theirs by a huge margin.
Person B: What are you doing?
Person A: Killing people with my Level 70 Onyx Hammer!
Person B: But all of those people only have Level 1 Worn Daggers.
Person A: A kill is a kill, regardless of the opponent!
Person B: Outclass kills aren’t any better than cheap shots, so fight someone at your own level!
by ChameleonDragon June 24, 2018
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