Noun (OW-SSSSS): The rushing exhale of air from the lungs formed into a specific and semi-uniform word while exerting oneself. Similar to a Japanese Kiai. Ouss was made popular in a system of martial arts known as Kuntao Jiu-Jitsu.

It is also used when greeting or leaving a Superior in a KJJ dojo. It serves as a sign of respect and conveys one's intentions to give all that they have (in effort and attention).

Further emphasis can also be given with an additional syllable. "Ouss-Ahhh". Not to be mistake for the softer and gentler "Oo-sah" done in meditation.
(While being struck) "Ousss"

(While delivering a strike) ""Ousss"

(As a greeting or goodbye) "Ouss"
by John-Ox June 09, 2010
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A person someone talks shit to.
You are an oussman.
Ousses man...they'll kill ya.
by DeGeorge December 15, 2003
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A spontaneous feeling and utter pleasure which peaks at a point of an orgasm. Symptoms of oussing include tingly pressure in the face usually in ones cheek bone. Under perfect conditions, the physical release has been likened to that of an intense sexual experience. Quite a marvellous feeling !!
"oussing sensation is unbelievable"
by Fredrick Pagewood January 30, 2009
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a calumny created by those who thrive off deceitful actions. an artifice allowing the victim of the hoax to beleive him/herself inadequate of their sexual charactaristics. The victim is made to beleive he/she is capable of experiencing orgasim in the facial reigon, starting from the corrugator moving down to the mentalis.
the term was contrived by an ambidexterous, malicious aggregation who have a profession in improvisation.

quite a marvolous load of shit !!!!
Ouss: Adam Jason Gabbriella Liana Vanessa James intoxicating your mind with lies
by Samuel Mafodda February 23, 2009
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slang for pussy
also can be said as
"quit bein such an ouss, god damn"

"thats the ouss im hittin rite thurr"
by Fizcuk nicca February 04, 2004
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