"Out lord and savior" is a phrase used by Mrbeast. The lord and savior, is pewdiepie.
Friend: What ya watching
Friend 2: Our lord and savior
Friend: OK, cool
by TPG_Toxyn April 18, 2020
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“Our Lord and Saviors are the only thing preventing me from killing myself” - Everyone ever
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An all powerful being of infinite power and strength. He created our universe and many others. All hail lord Pepe.

He comes down to Earth in the form of a sad frog representing all dead memes. He suffered for our sins.
I love Our Lord and Savior Pepe he is my god.
by trollinator42069 April 25, 2017
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All praise the lord of the deep Cthulhu.His power is infinite with his many tentacles.All should worship his power.
by M3m3M4ch1n3 May 14, 2018
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