System in which you do and vote exactly as instructed by left-liberal Democratic media and political establishment. Our Democracy™ is often threatened by things such as parents, guns rights, ethnic homogeneity, transparency, voter ID laws, free speech, voting for stuff media and Democratic Party doesn't like, not supporting BLM or any other Current Thing, and many others.
The Atlantic: Allowing parents to decide if teachers should give their children pamphlets about Genderqueer Castration Theory is threatening Our Democracy™

CNN: Voter ID laws would stop illegal immigrants and dead people from voting, and it's threatning Our Democracy™

MSNBC: Watching news networks that don't say the same shit we say is threat to Our Democracy™
by karqz November 20, 2022
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Code phrase used by the DNC and Leftist Media in place of outright saying Democratarchy; a 1 party state solely controlled by the DNC thru the force of the Federal Govt and terrorist organizations such as BLM and Antifa. Most often said when Democrats dont get their way.
Ebry ting b uh fret ta our democracy ~ Maxine Waters
by Pelosi Hammered Me May 4, 2023
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