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Noun Pronounced ah-SCOH-duh. A small city in northeastern Michigan situated about 60 miles south of the 45th Parallel where the AuSable River meets Lake Huron. Originally a logging and fishing town Oscoda is now more like the Wild West of old. Poker games aren't hard to find and there are more guns than people. The community that we call Oscoda is a tangled web in which we all are guilty of eating our trapped flies...It is the Eddie Money Vortex of the Universe, home to Foote Pond, Sunrise Side Posse, Monkey Mike and Sloppy Joe who's fitching for a big fitch god damnit! O-town, O-Scrotum, The Big O, Scodi...Oscoda is The Office Lounge, Old Orchard Park and The River Queen. The most beautiful city in the world to be certain this little nowhere town actually makes the world go around...come see us:)
Let's go to Oscoda and never leave cause it's so effin RAD!)
by Teighmne Verk Aught September 28, 2010
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One of the most beautiful cities in Michigan...A summer town. Home to Desi's Taco Lounge, The Dam Store, Foote Pond & Dam, The Old Wurtsmith Airforce Base, and the AuSable River. The river holds one of the biggest canoe races in the country....Oscoda schools also educated one of the Columbine Killers and was a home to Timothy McVeigh.
Whats Oscoda like?
Its got alot of trees and alot to drink, plus amazing american-mexican cuisine and pretty beaches. and deer.
by Amy P March 01, 2008
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The best city in all of Michigan. Oscoda has the best resorts of Lake Huron. The most satisfying resort in or near Oscoda is Nor' East Shores Resort. Oscoda is a place where you can't help but to be happy :)
by DearAndTheHeadlights<3 May 01, 2012
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Home to YMCA Camp Nissokone! Champagne Hill, Highbanks, and never ending road.
YMCA Camp Nissokone is in Oscoda on Lake Van Ettan
by JShaba April 09, 2009
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The pursuit of happiness. Oscoda can mean what ever you want it to mean for your current situation.
“Christian whats wrong bro”. “Idk mane just feeling down lately” “You just need to find your Oscoda man”
by Thin.Fellow June 11, 2018
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Oscoda is the center of the universe...or so the locals think. It is well known around the USA for being the woods party capital of Northern Michigan, and also for canceling their high school football season and earning the reputation as the "Oscoda pussies"

Many people travel to Oscoda in the summer to tube/canoe down the mighhty AuSable River. This trip includes but is not limited to getting insanely drunk, taking off your clothing, and jumping off bridges into shallow water. Most people who have done the trip come back for round 2.

The town as a whole though is basically a housing unit for the very old people that still have money in this economy, and to a very large and idiotic drug abusing society. If you think your in the wrong town ask someone where you can go to buy a Xanax, and if they sell you one, your in the right town.
Oscoda AuSable River
by O-town Lover September 09, 2011
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Largely known group of individuals who promote the longevity of happiness around their community.
Hey have you heard of Oscoda?”
“How have I not man, I love them.”
by Oscoda.Munchkin July 04, 2018
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