Spanish slang that is closest in English to being grossed out, or when something gives you the chills, creeps you out, disgusts you, or when something gives you the heebie-jeebies".
It can be used as a description or as a sensation.
"That weirdo on the subway gave me osco";
"This nasty restaurant is making me osco";
"Being in the cemetery at 3am, is giving me osco".
by shortncomical January 27, 2019
"katy stop acting osco"
"that girl is a complete osco"
by aklsdjfkadsjgkj December 21, 2006
Main Entry: osco·syndrome
Function: noun
1 : a condition characterized by brief attacks of feeling the sudden urge to poo, often occurring with visits to exciting places such as Osco Drug, or a highly anticipated concert.
Oh my God! I'm so excited, I want to buy everything in sight! That entire wall of cosmetics is totally giving me Osco Syndrome. Do they have a can here?
by SMung November 23, 2007
Two homosexuals having anal sex in public & during the day in the parking lot of the local jewel-osco grocery store.
While in town for the Gay Pride Parade, Eric witnessed two men getting jewel-osco-ed and took video footage on his iPhone.
by spiec July 8, 2009
A town of 30 people who do whatever the fuck they want. I only recommend visiting if you’re a redneck who isn’t afraid to do reckless shit. Not sure how any of them are still alive at this point.
“Oh you’re from Osco Illinois, you must own about 25 guns and a few dirtbikes.”
by Redneckdefinitions101 March 9, 2021