A game where two people play rock,paper,scissors and the loser has to ask out whoever the winner chooses.
Aria: I played that oreo game with Veronica and lost and she's making me ask out Adam...ugh it's going to be super awkward.
Rachel: Oh that sucks, but you cant back out since you agreed to play.
Aria: yeah, i lost fair and square.
by 《Břøķëń》 June 20, 2019
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The “Oreo game” is where you play rock-paper-siscors but you say “or-e-o” and the loser has to ask out whoever the winner picks, aka “the target”. Rumor has it the target is the ugliest person in school, but more often than not the target is someone else. Ex a crush, the nearest person of the opposite sex, the nearest person of the same sex, the person who your friend has no chance with, etc. If you are the target, you usually assume it’s because you’re ugly. Because of this it’s a mean game. It’s often played among kids grades 3rd-6th (or ages 7-12 for non-Americans)
Matt and Daniel are playing The Oreo Game
Matt & Daniel: “or-e-o!”
Matt: haha! Paper beats rock! Now you have to ask out Katie again!
Daniel: dude you have me ask her out every time and it’s getting annoying- I’m pretty sure she’s going to hit me this time
Matt: that’s what I’m hoping for!
by Pseudonymous324 October 15, 2018
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the Oreo Game is when a group of guys sit around an oreo and jack off to try to jizz on it. the last guy who jizzes on the oreo wins and has to eat the oreo.
"Hey Mike want to win the oreo game?"
"No no no no no!"
by delacerda October 14, 2007
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when a group of three or more guys stand in a circle with an oreo in the middle, masturbate onto the cookie, and then the last man to finish must eat the cookie
by kurkilla October 1, 2006
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