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The “Oreo game” is where you play rock-paper-siscors but you say “or-e-o” and the loser has to ask out whoever the winner picks, aka “the target”. Rumor has it the target is the ugliest person in school, but more often than not the target is someone else. Ex a crush, the nearest person of the opposite sex, the nearest person of the same sex, the person who your friend has no chance with, etc. If you are the target, you usually assume it’s because you’re ugly. Because of this it’s a mean game. It’s often played among kids grades 3rd-6th (or ages 7-12 for non-Americans)
Matt and Daniel are playing The Oreo Game
Matt & Daniel: “or-e-o!”
Matt: haha! Paper beats rock! Now you have to ask out Katie again!
Daniel: dude you have me ask her out every time and it’s getting annoying- I’m pretty sure she’s going to hit me this time
Matt: that’s what I’m hoping for!
by Pseudonymous324 October 15, 2018
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Quoted as “(v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.” It’s featured as a fairly popular hipster post online. There seems to be no variations of the definition. The post definition is likely the first use of the word. Not to be confused with the unrelated word “caddywhomupus.” The original definition gives no example of how it’s used and the word is still in its infancy so use it however you want.

Could be regarded as a “made up word” but that would be silly because all words are made up. It’s worth noting that Shakespeare “made up” a lot of words commonly used today. Also, the word quiz supposedly started out defined on a wall somewhere and people just started using it.
“What all are you going to see when you’re in Europe?”
“I’m going to coddiwomple.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m going to do it awesomely
“So you’re coddiwompling?”
“I’m what”
by Pseudonymous324 March 7, 2019
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