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When one sexual partner (usually a woman) tells the other sexual partner (usually a male) that they have reached orgasm during intercourse, but in reality they did not. By any means.
After reaching his climax, Robert kissed Jenny on the forehead and asked "Did you finish? I think you finished, but I couldn't tell."
"Y-yeah. Yup. Tooootally finished. I did with you!" Jenny replied, sounding rather unsure.
"Are you using orcasm right now? Are you seriously being orcastic? Jesus. You told me I was good!" Robert retorted.
by itsbean102 August 05, 2014
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to burst into an uncontolaable fit of laughing and snorting, commonly referred to as orcaing
Nick: Dude, is Taylor having another orcasm again??

Mike: By the looks of it yes, and this one may last 7+ hours.
by pnykolasse February 05, 2009
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the events following a person believing ones sarcastic remark
bro1: dude, where'd you get that ipad?
bro2: <sarcasm> get it? bro, steve jobs gave me one after he begged me to sell the idea to him. He blew me and made me a sandwich too.</sarcasm>

bro1: really? sweet, you get any money from that?
bro2: i need new pants, just had an orcasm
by jeremy gayson March 15, 2011
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