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Short for Academic Decathlon
an information based competitionn by USAD. The ten events include 6 events relating to a subject, math, and 3 interpersonal events
the events are
1. Music
2. Art
3. Economics
4. Social Science
5. Science
6. Language and Literature
7. Math
8. Speech
9. Interview
10. Essay

--Caution: participation in this contest will "eat your soul", you will find it hard to do anything other than read packets about any certain random topic. Pretty intense
Nick: Dude, you goin to Acadec practice with me?

Nathan: No way n00b, i wouldnt do Acadic if it was the last thing on earth. GNAR!
by pnykolasse January 31, 2009

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to burst into an uncontolaable fit of laughing and snorting, commonly referred to as orcaing
Nick: Dude, is Taylor having another orcasm again??

Mike: By the looks of it yes, and this one may last 7+ hours.
by pnykolasse February 05, 2009

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a mispronunciation of a character from gears of war 2 that has come to mean :
1) any various ejaculate or spilled liquid
2) the action of ejaculating or spilling any various liquid on shite
1)"WHAT THE GNAR!?!?!, you got skooge on my midterm essay you dick!!!"

2) "OmFg, I just skkoeged on that noob"
by pnykolasse January 15, 2009

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The process of connecting two seemingly unrelated wikipedia articles by using only links to other wikipedia pages embedded in the articles themselves; the more abstract the beginning and the destination are, the better.
I just spent an entire hour wiki-linking great white sharks to Doritos FTW!
by pnykolasse November 11, 2009

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