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A healthy drink made from oranges
mom: dont forget to drink your orange juice!
by Deanna!!! May 06, 2009

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A horrible day that things just seem to be happening to you.
Morgan: Ugh! First, i got rejected. Then, I had Soccer. After that, my dog kept me up all night!

Deanna: Wow. You had one Double Damn Day!
by Deanna!!! May 27, 2009

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The best guy in the world. Hes funny, sexy, and handsome. BUT hes going out with another girl! You flirt with him, and do just about everything you can to get noticed, and he decides to date a skank!
Lady 1: Ugh. Did you see Nathan today, with his girlfriend in the hall?

Lady 2: Yeah! He was practically humping her leg!
by deanna!!! May 06, 2009

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