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In reference to the character Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Opheliac is a noun meaning one who has delved into madness. The source of this word comes from Emilie Autumn's new album, titled Opheliac, along with a song sharing the title name. The album Opheliac debuted in 2006. Labeled a mix of gothic, industrial, and classical, it is by far one of the more unique blends of music available today. Emilie Autumn has put out a series of albums prior to Opheliac, and is based out of Chicago.
My sister is such the opheliac she has taken to talking to herself.
by EAE October 14, 2006
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One afflicted by the disease "Ophelia" a condition wherein the sufferer exhibits patterns of self destruction caused by influences both external and internal, and the inability to tell the difference. An Opheliac may suffer from some mental illness such as bipolar disorder, which, unfortunately, only serves to absolve those around her from any responsibility for driving her mad themselves, thus supposing the patient far madder than she is in fact.
You might be an Opheliac if you: wouldn't know who you were if you weren't suffering, are strangely attracted to those who may just kill you, and/or spend just a bit too much time in the bath tub.
by Tria O'Three February 22, 2010
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To be Abnormally obcessed (with someone)
She was an Opheliac for her boyfriend.
by Ashley Asylum July 25, 2008
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A person who is their own worst enemy and allows others to destroy them.
She let her boyfriend hit her, she must be an Opheliac.
by Nichole le Fae November 11, 2009
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One who loves self-destruction
Of course she hurts herself! She's an Opheliac!
by Wretched Whore August 19, 2009
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