To expel a particularly textured and aromatically rich brand of flatulence, the smell of which brings to mind the distinct odor of food gone bad emanating from a freshly opened fridge.
Clear out everybody, Betsy just opened the fridge!
by The Paul J February 22, 2007
The phrase “I keep opening the fridge door means just what it sounds like but also applies to phones. You open the fridge door when you’re bored and don’t know what you want to eat or what to do. This can also be applied to apps you may open on your phone but don’t really want to, you’re just bored or not sure what to do.
Example 1: *opens fridge door* “What am I doing? I don’t want to open this.” *few seconds later* “Can I stop opening the fridge door? I’m not even hungry.”

Example 2: *after several minutes of opening random phone apps and locking and unlocking your phone.* “I keep opening the fridge door” *locks phone only to immediately unlock it again for no reason* “Dangit!” *tosses phone beside self*
by Dollbabysweetasaplum May 22, 2019
An Open Fridge Policy is where all the contents of your fridge are open to anyone to consume without seeking permission from the owner of the goods. Particularly applies to alcoholic drinks.
Hey mate, can I have a beer? Of course, you don't need to ask, it's an Open Fridge Policy at this house!
by oicunt May 30, 2015
A fridge that is open to anybody who enters the room on friendly and not business terms. Anybody can eat anything out of the open access fridge, but you must have been invited into the house on friendly terms and not on business
CJ: Hey Michael, get anything you want!
Michael: Thanks!
John: What about me?
CJ: You are here for study, not for pleasure. This is an Open Access Fridge, not an Open House.
by SENIVJC April 15, 2010