Mike: Yo, let’s do something tonight.

Jack: Fuck yea, I wanna get ooshed.
by ChabaLaFeta April 28, 2018
An interjection expressing excitement.
Oosh! Those were some good collard greens!
by GBA December 10, 2003
A general and indefinite exclamation used for anything, the meaning of which is generally conveyed by tone. It can be used to describe an attractive person, a bad situation, surprise, disgust, and numerous emotions and actions.
Oosh! Check that dude out.
by Mark D. Interest June 9, 2015
Almost like "Whoa, cool"
"check my new shoes"

"guess which hardcore kid just wagged school?"
by Kirstieketchup May 7, 2008
The most potent kush known in goatdale. Some say it’s more powerful than moonrocks.
“Hey! look at B DOUBLE D and Gucci Gerb ooshing over there! Thats some stinky oosh!”
by ooshdragon551 December 8, 2017
Said in reaction to being exposed to something cold or wet.
Close that Fuckin door, Oosh!
by Howard_HUZE September 19, 2016