lets see a true hardcore kid does not wear tight pants thats gay scene bullshit. and crews are not a part of hardcore. true hardcore kids don't follow a trend and they don't have to dance at shows to be hardcore. hardcore is about not following trends. it's about being free from the masses. and you don't have to be edge to be hardcore anyone can be edge.this is the true definiton of a hardcore kid they don't give a fuck what you think. they do what they want to. they don't follow your stupid trends. and they don't join stupid crews.
ignorant kid: hey look that kid has tight pants on and a black band shirt on he's hardcore.

true hardcore kid: your so stupid that is not hardcore that is scene bullshit. he looks like such a fag. by the way. YOUR TEAM.
by dyllan miller April 3, 2007
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1. a "kid" even if only at heart, who stands up for something they believe in.
2. someone who enjoys hardcore music
3. someone who is obsessed with something

not necessarily "punk" or "emo"
1. that kid is a hardcore vegan
2. that kid sure loves hardcore music. he is a hardcore kid
3. that gamer is such a hardcore kid
by notyourbusiness January 14, 2006
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a young person who listens to frantic and hevy music. when at gigs, a hardcore kid will punch an kick the air in a spectacular fashion. however, in a breakdown several hardcore kids will enter a pit and kick the shit out of each other. hardcore kids are the toughest of any alternative person. but beware: there are many bogus hardcore kids about! its rather popular to be one nowadays
i'm a hardcore kid, wanna spin kick in your face?
by hardcoregeek May 12, 2005
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a kid who listens to hardcore/metal heavy music: throwdown, the bled, bleeding through, as i lay dying, nora, darkest hour. stuff like that. they are usually dressed in black band t shirts and blue jeans. but some may dress whatever they want. they go to hardcore shows and hardcore dance which is where they punch air and do ninja kicks. they are not afraid of getting hurt and will always stand up for themselves. they are tough and they dont care what people think of them. they hate being called emo and they will always start shxt for that. but they are also never uptight in anything. they are never mad at anyone and usually never hate. they are usually funny and fun to be with and also like to have fun. random things are their favorites. they are just like most normal people but they wont take shxt from anyone.
holy shxt i just got hit in the face. fxckin cool lets go again
by hXcGUY July 8, 2005
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A fan of the hardcore music scene. Sometimes, but not always, straight-edge. Their clothing is usually either basketball shorts and track shoes for freedom of movement while hardcore dancing or tight pants and a band t-shirt. Bands can include, but are not limited to, Throwdown, Terror, Hatebreed, Norma Jean, Between the Buried and Me, etc.
That hardcore kid almost hit me in the face!
by La-La-Laurakins <3 March 14, 2006
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A true douche bag of the metal scene. Usually seen in a sleeveless band shirt and basketball/gym shorts. At a show they will "mosh" by flailing their arms and legs about with complete disregard of anyone trying to actually listen to the music but when they hit one of these bystanders they will disappear into their group for fear of fighting one on one. The exception (and the true definition of piece of shit douche fag) is the few who bring ski masks and a posse dressed exactly like them so they can walk up and hit girls in the face. If you see someone with a ski mask on at a hardcore show...beat their ass mercilessly upon sight.
hardcore kid: if you don't want to get hit, get the fuck out the pit!

metal head: *punches him in the face*

hardcore kid: why did you hit me bro?

metal head: *punches him in the face again* stop acting like a monkey with down syndrome *punches him in the face yet again*

hardcore kid: *cries and gets in his mom's minivan*
by m4l1c3 September 25, 2010
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A retarded user on Urbandictionary.com who doesn't appreciate good music. Probably licks the semen out of his sister's pussy after his dad fucks her. He can be seen at your local music venue giving handjobs to the ticket takers to get in to see dance gavin dance. (He spent all his cash on skinny jeans and put the rest of his change in a roll and stuffed it in his pants so it would appear that he has a penis when in reality it had long since withered due to the multitude of STDs and various diseases he had gotten from sneaking into crackhouses and sticking random objects up his ass.)
Guy 1: Hey man do you like Foxy Shazam?
Guy 2: Yeah, they kick ass
Hardcore kid: n0 waY fagggggs, teh 0nly gud music iz tehh kynd were teh leed 5ing3r scr33ms @ the t0P of his LunGs all the timmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1:Aren't you that retarded kid that wears your sister's jeans and the brightest and gayest colored shirt you can find and eats the shit straight out of your dads ass?
Hardcore kid: Yeah
by FoxyFTW October 13, 2009
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