The act or art of being one Will 'Gerbs' Rathburger. Also akin to being large furry smelly rodent with a distinct love of burgers, bitches, and reality.
Ders: Hey, have you seen gerbs?

TB: Nah, last i heard he was gerbil jousting

Ders: Again? That guy is such a big dirty sloppy fagface

TB: I know, tell me about it
by king gerbil jouster March 10, 2013
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A word Defined by 2 High school students referring to a guy with a relatively small penis. The term "Gerb" is short for Gerber. Gerber is used as a baby food brand name. Therefore, Gerb means a person with a Baby sized Dick.
Person A. Why is that kid so down and depressed?
Person B. Oh him? I heard he got that Gerb.

Person with Gerb: "I got that Big Meat!"
Associates: "Shut up Gerb."
by Some kid in High School May 25, 2012
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to involuntarily expel a beverage that is in one's mouth in reaction to a startling, usually humorous, event.
When he said that, I totally gerbed all over my shirt.
by Sprout February 09, 2004
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Gerb is a wildcard. It can be used anywhere, and in any situation. It was originated by.
I gerbed.
I have gerb.
You're gerb
My name
I went to Gerb's house
I have 7
by Gerb - J/J/C July 06, 2004
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To cry, to weep, to shed tears. Especially in reaction to chick flicks and holiday film favorites. Refers to the Gerber baby found on the Gerber Baby Foods label.
Watched "It's A Wonderful Life" last night - makes me gerb every damn time!
by DaddySee December 03, 2010
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